Call you crazy


They will hurt you once more
drag you back to the shore
rub salt on your petrifying sore
and then they will ask you to ignore
all the times they slammed that door
withering you down to the core
they will ask you to ignore
all the times they kept that score
to make sure
each time you hit the floor
they will ask you to ignore

and then they will call you crazy

It’s funny


It’s funny
how, we are never really ready
to start working
for the life that we want
It’s funny
how, it seems so steady
but we keep on lurking
and the theories gradually start to haunt
It’s funny
how, we keep waiting
for everything to set in place
so we could start it all
And it’s funny
how, we keep hating
all those hours of hasty chase
just to find we lost so much in that haul
It’s funny
how, we often can’t fix our rhyme
It’s funny
how, we often keep running out of time
It’s funny

Beauty in uncertainty


You can’t make them fall in love with you
and you can’t make them fall out
You can’t give them your point of view
And you can’t pull them out of their doubt
What happens next
is neither in your hands
nor they can help it
No matter what you do
No matter what you be
The only beauty that exists
Is the beauty that rests in uncertainty

Yesterday & Past


You stretch them the same way, those same old strings
letting the rhythm flow, go slow go fast
shackled by your roots but you keep flapping your wings
deciding on what you really want to last
amidst the rhythmic chaos
you forget, often,
there’s a way to stretch the strings
you have to sync in with the slow, the fast
what matters the most are the little things
there’s a reason why it seems so vast
there’s always a way out to believe
there’s always a fine difference between yesterday ‘n past